custom reservation management system for 10,000 anxious fans

With an indiegogo campaign and some very clever press, the scum and villainy cantina sold 10,000+ seatings to a newly created pop-up restaurant in Hollywood which is a replica of the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina from the first Star Wars film. partnered with a development team, we brought the project from concept to production.


my role.  creative direction. ui design. ux design. art direction. brand strategy. project management.


Our strategy had to consider our eager fans, so we designed a system that grouped pre-purchased seats by email of purchaser into time-tiered reservation slots. The plan allowed access to 250 users, four times per day for a total of 10 days. 



We alerted users of their reservation time via email and provided instructions on how to create an account. Once an account was created, the user would then enter the waiting room with either a countdown or a prompt message explaining next steps.


landing page and welcoming email. when the user is granted access to the portal, a four minute timer alerts the user that they are in the check out process and a quick link to “manage tickets” is provided if the ticket name needs to be updated.

reservation selection. the first step is to select the tickets you want to use for the reservations.

date and time selection. in step two, the user must now select the date and seating from the calendar. A helpful tool tip alerts users to how many seats are available on each day and light grey boxes indicate a sold out day.

contact information and submission. in the 'provide contact and confirm reservation' step, an overview of the reservation is displayed and the contact info is auto-populated from the database. The user only has to click “confirm reservation” to finalize the booking.

reservation confirmation. immediately after confirming the reservation, the user receives a confirmation email and is redirected to the “your reservations” page where they can see all confirmed reservations. by adding an edit/delete function, we provided the user with options to manage the reservation themselves, which in turn reduced support tickets and increased user satisfaction. 


the system provided 10,000+ successful bookings through our custom reservation system and it was fantastic to follow their experience on instagram. with great success on its opening, scum & villainy cantina is now open permanently in Hollywood, CA.

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