scalable lead-generating homepage design

the homepage receives over 500,000 hits every month and is the starting point for the majority of internal and external users. The  website has two main audiences that drive traffic either to learning content or to the extensive product catalog. The product catalog produces over $10 Billion a year in revenue and is driven by marketing and sales teams.


my role.  ui  design.  art direction.  brand strategy.  visual identity.  digital marketing.


With known inter team dependencies and component complexity there were limitations to a complete overhaul. the homepage is dynamically-driven by an omni-channel marketing tool and translates to seven regions. governance has been an issue for many years, and out of date design, inconsistent styling and content usage, non-responsive design, and are all reasons the homepage needed a fresh user interface.



a scalable page design, imagery and usage guidelines, and a process for brand and business units to efficiently execute ongoing marketing campaigns. the strategy would increase conversion and impressions, increase brand visibility, and improved the customer experience and back-end process to deliver the advertisements.


to begin the journey, I prototyped four hi-fidelity solutions so that we would have a wide exploration of potentials. 

I presented the this excercise to my director and after discussion we determined that the most-efficient solution, given the constraints from cross-team dependencies and stakeholders, is one that doesn’t affect the existing layout and structure.  although this presented some constraints, it also gave me a laser-focused target to implement a new standard for


creation of a templated design. by leveraging the design system and defining each component displayed on the page, the design document served as the roadmap for developers, designers, page authors, content writers, and marketeers. 

guiding the design. with buy in from all parties, I delegated the first round of examples to another designer on my team to validate and test our new design process. the results were phenomenal and through this creation, we were able to develop a systematic approach to the imagery production. 

updated guidelines to inform the process. I provided guidelines for our new design standards that outlined component and imagery usage. specifications for developers was extracted from the design via abstract + sketch. once completed,  we met with stakeholders to evangelize our success and provide any additional detail or support. 

responsive and mobile-friendly. the templated designs are built with the design system and provide a seamless accessible experience on any screen size. 



the homepage now has a scalable process for developers and designers while also providing brand consistency, usability, and accessibility for customers. 


  • new image guidelines and art direction for marketeers. 
  • new UX specifications for development teams and content authors. 
  • increased cross-team collaboration and communication. 
  • improved marketing guidelines and brand governance.
  • enhanced component functionality and responsive design
  • enhanced New Products and Promotions page
  • clear hierarchy of information

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