microsite and go-to-market strategy for a new cancer center

For this brand awareness campaign, our goal was to produce a 5 page micro-site that would introduce Leonard Cancer Institute and drive traffic to the existing hospital website. I developed a visual identity and brand guidelines within an existing brand architecture and develop a microsite hub to measure marketing campaign KPIs.


my role.  ui  design.  art direction.  brand strategy.  visual identity.  digital marketing.


Working with the strategy team, we determined that our only measurable outcomes would be clicks to the donate button and video views. Our challenge was to avoid responsibility that relies on the client’s current systems like calls and appointment scheduling. Therefore we created a sitemap that would intuitively direct the user through our content and increase awareness.  



The website is designed with engaging content and imagery to ensure our users stay on the microsite and drives users to a measurable outcome to click the “Donate” button. I placed large green donate button in the header of every page and then matched the internal page donate buttons with the same color for consistency.  Color theory suggests green is the color of money and it also tells us to “Go” instead of stopping. Also, green just so happens to be the clients secondary brand color. Win. 


with a pressured timeline and an eager client, I began to design the website while we continued meetings on the brand and visual identity. using the existing brand materials, i designed high-fidelty mockup of the main pages to provide a roadmap for the content writers and defined a functional visual strategy for interim. when the client approved the direction and feel of the homepage, I was off the races to refine the designs, get them approved, and moved into production with development. 

creating the brand. in our discovery we attempted to create an identity that could be used in conjunction with the hospital’s main logomark. Even though we ultimately knew the logo would be restricted to existing brand guidelines, we still conceptualized and designed 80+ logos. A great exercise for my designers and myself, but not a very rewarding outcome. 

the client loved our exploration but due to brand use constraints and the umbrella of st. joseph hospital, we had to adhere to the overarching brand standards. 


developing the brand guidelines. with Leonard Cancer opening its doors within the hospital we had a challenge getting approval from the internal marketing team on visual identity. afterall, a hospitals brand would be diminished if every speciality group inside its walls was able to use a unique logo. our visual identity and messaging combined into a brand guide that would provide value to our client to pitch to the brand team. 

brand guidelines. scroll through the brand guidelines. 

launching the campaign. with the website development and brand guidelines complete, we were ready to launch the campaign. social media and blog content combined with out-of-home marketing served as the driver for leads to the website. success was measure by clicks through to the microsite. 

extending the brand. we created an out-of-home awareness campaign that would cover the shopping mall adjacent to the hospital and at the airport. we got approval to provide tertiary color scheme to the existing brand colors. when combined with clever messaging, the creative made for an impactful impression. 

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